Hanoi: Transport from Noi Bai airport to Hanoi

As the first time travellers to Hanoi, you might want to know which the best option to reach the centre Hanoi is after your arrival in Noi Bai airports. To keep your trip going smoothly, read some tips and transport information to get the centre Hanoi within a budget but still comfortably.

1. City BUS 86 (Airport Route)
This is the new route bus operated by Hanoi Transport Corporation (the company operate public buses on 4.) from April 30, 2016.

Price ticket: 30.000 VND ($1.4) / one/ way

Schedule: (in Hanoi Station) 5:05am – 9:40pm / (in the airport) 6:18am – 10:58pm

Running hour: about 80 buses /day in every 20-30 minutes

2. Airport bus shuttle
This is the 45 seat bus run by separate airlines. At present, there are bus shuttle of Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar and VietjetAir. It is not difficult to catch one after leaving from right outside the arrivals exit gate. However you may have to wait until the bus is full before it departs and don’t forget you have to take it in domestic terminal.

Vietnam Airlines:

Parking slot: in front of T1 gate in Noi Bai/ No 1 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Price ticket: 40.000 VND ($2) / one/ way

Running hour: every 30- 45 minutes

Vietjet Air:

Parking slot: in front of T1 gate in Noi Bai/ National Circus at 67- 69 Tran Nhan Tong

Price ticket: 40.000 VND ($2) / one/ way

Running hour: 30- 45 mintues


Parking slot: in front of T1 gate in Noi Bai/ 206 Tran Quang Khai, Ha Noi

Price ticket: 40.000 VND ($2) / one/ way

Running hour: 30- 45 mintues

The option is more outstanding for cheap price and open space in the bus. On the way back to the city centre, you can get off at many different stops along the itinerary: Nam Thang Long bus station, Pham Van Dong, Cau Giay, Daewoo hotel, etc…

However, after getting off at the last stop, you still need to take taxi or motorbike taxi to get to your hotels. In addition, if you take the bus on the way from the city centre to the airport, you will be taken to the airport without stopping for your getting off in the middle.

3. Taxi
After getting out of the arrivals exit gate, you will easily find out a fleet of taxi waiting for you. Don’t rush to the invitation of any taxi drivers. It is worth considering taxi brand name. Before making a deal, make sure that you have asked for price and required to pay for a pack from the airport to your hotel. The present price for a pick up from Noi Bai airport to the centre of Hanoi is about 330.000 VND ($15.5). Some popular taxi operators are Dai Nam, Viet Thanh, Noi Bai airport, Mai Linh, etc…You can make use of your bargaining skills to get a cheaper price.

Tips for taking taxi at cheaper price

– If you go on a trip alone, start a conversation with others and make a suggestion of taking taxi together so that you can share the price. In other ways, you can tell your suggestions directly to taxi driver so that they can find your partner.

– If you observe carefully, you will notice some cars such as Thanh Nga which is used for taking passengers to the airport only. For those bus not used for picking up passengers from the airport, the money you pay will belong to taxi driver only. The price is very cheap, only at 100.000 VND- 200.0000 VND, and some cases are even much cheaper. However, you will have to walk for a longer trip to the gate outside. Besides, be informed that you might have difficulty grabbing one at night. Therefore, you should be well- prepared for every circumstance.

– Another way is to return to the second floor- domestic station- where the cars of residents take their relatives or manager to go for a business trip or travel. You can ask for their picking up on their way home to downtown. You will probably have a free picking up if your itinerary is exactly the same as theirs. If not, you also get 40 to 50% cheaper price than present one. However, be informed that this option is not easy to do for it is illegal to the authority at the airport. Any taxi grabbing passengers on the second floor will get heavy fine. Therefore, after making a deal successfully, quickly get out and wait them outside to pick you up.

From Hanoi downtown area to Noi Bai airport

Interestingly, it is much cheaper to get from downtown to Noi Bai airports. You can take other popular taxi operators such as Viet Thanh, Thanh nga, etc… The price is only 180.000- 2000.0000 VND. At present, the way to airport is shortened from 30km to 15km thanks to the use of Nhat Tan bridge. If you take a taxi from Nhat Tan, the price is only 100.000- 150.000 VND. In other ways, you can use Grab taxi- a popular service in Vietnam. With the promotional code, you can go by linking itinerary.

4. Public buses
After leaving the terminal exit, turning right and going ahead for about 100m, you will see bus no.7 which departs from transferring bus station in Cau Giay (opposite University of Transport and Communications). The bus will pass other bus stations along Cau Giay- Pham Van Van Dong- Noi Bai. It starts every 10 to 15 minutes and takes 45 to 50 minutes to go from Cau Giay to Noi Bai and the way back. The bus starts at 5:00am and ends at 9:30pm. From the transferring bus station in Cau Giay, you can take other buses for different itinerary.

The bus no.17 has the same schedule with bus no.7 but goes a different route and the last bus is earlier at 8:30pm. It will pass over national road no.2-3, cross through Chuong Duong bridge and stop at Long Bien station. The bus no.17 parks only in T1 parking zone.

The ticket price is about 7.000-9.000 VND (depends on the lenght of each route).

It’s great new that from June, 2015, In order to create good favour for tourists to travel from the airport to the city centry of Hanoi, Hanoi Bus Corp add three more bus lines.

Route NB01 (05 buses): Noi Bai airport- Dao Tan Street ( near Daewoo hotel)

-Noi Bai airport (T2 international gate)- T1 Domestic gate- Vo Van Kiet Str- Vo Nguyen Giap str- Nhat Tan Bridge- Vo Chi Cong str- Xuan La str- Lac Long Quan str- Buoi- Dao Tan

– Duration of each route is about 75 minutes

Route NB02 (06 buses): Noi Bai airport ( T2 Gate)- Times City New urban zone

– Noi Bai airport (T2 International Gate)- T1 Domestic Gate – Vo Van Kiet- Vo Nguyen Giap- Highway no.5- Dong Tru bridge- Nguyen Van Cu- Chuong Duong bridge- Tran Quang Khai- Tran Khanh Du- Nguyen Khoai- Minh Khai- Times City new urban zone

– Duration of each route is about 90 minutes

Route NB03 (07 buses) Noi Bai airport- Nuoc Ngam bus station ( the station for buses departing to the Middle & the South of Vietnam)

– Noi Bai airport (T2 International Gate)- T1 Domestic Gate – Vo Nguyen Giap- Hai Boi- Thang Long bridge- Pham Van Dong- Pham Hung- Khuat Duy Tien- Nguyen Xien- Nguyen Xuan Yem- Nguyen Huu Tho (Linh Dam zone)- Giai Phong- Nuoc Ngam bus station

– Duration of each route is about 90 minutes

Its advantage is cheap price ticket. It runs often, every 10 to 15 minutes from 5am to 10pm. However, it is not convenient for those with big rushsack over their shoulder. Some passengers might be even refused to get on the bus if the bus is already too crowded. Besides, the passengers still need to takes taxi or motorbike taxi to go to the final stop.

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